Tips & tricks to get the most out of LinkedIn


This is the third and final post in my three part LinkedIn series. I’ve written about why it’s time to update your LinkedIn profile and how to use LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool so now it’s time to share my tips & tricks to get the most out of LinkedIn. There are some little things to you can do personalise your experience.

Edit public profile & URL

This feature (located on the top right of your profile at the time of writing) allows you to personalise how your profile appears and decide who can see what – your privacy settings. There are a whole bunch of options where you can choose just how public you want to make different parts of your profile. While you’re there, make sure you update your URL from the ugly default to something clean and simple so it looks more professional when you share it.


LinkedIn groups are where likeminded professionals gather to discuss industry topics and some groups are extremely active. You can search for groups by keyword or name and you may need to request to join some groups and be approved. To get the most of your group membership make sure you stay active and join the discussions.


You can add hashtags to your posts to make them more discoverable just like other social networks. Remember that your privacy settings will effect just how discoverable your posts are. You can also search by hashtags and follow them to see future posts.

Job search

If you’re in the market for a new job then you should be utilising LinkedIn in your search. You can discover new jobs in a variety of ways including searching by keywords and locations and don’t forget to set up alerts for new job ads. You can also do some research on your potential new organisation and see other people who work there.

Well that concludes the series and I hope you have learned a few tips & tricks along the way that you can apply to your own LinkedIn use. If you have any tips I;d love you to share them with me!

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