Top tips for using social media at conferences

Conferences are great places to grow your social media networks and connect with likeminded people. After you leave the conference bubble you will want a way to follow up with other delegates and stay in touch moving forward. Social media is a fantastic tool that you can use strategically to enhance your conference experience and ensure you get the most out of your attendance. Everyone has their own way of participating but here are my top tips for using social media before, during and after a conference.

Tops tips for using social media BEFORE a conference:

  • Follow the official accounts of the conference and take note of the official hashtag. (Sometimes people will assume they know what the hashtag is but get it wrong so always check you have the correct one.)
  • Remember that if your account is private no-one (other than your current followers) can see your posts!
  • Make sure your profile picture is current and looks like you so people will recognise you.
  • Make sure your bio accurately reflects what you do. Consider adding something that states you are attending the conference.

Tops tips for using social media DURING a conference:

  • Follow the conference conversation using the official hashtag.
  • Use the official hashtag in every tweet you send including replies and retweets.
  • Follow everyone who tweets with the official hashtag. This is the best way to grow your professional network beyond a conference.
  • Share pictures of yourself so people can find you in real life.
  • Use direct messages to make meet up points with other delegates and don’t forget to check yours in case someone has sent you a direct message.
  • Social media competitions and challenges are lots of fun but you would be surprised at how few people actually enter. Give it a go and see what you can win. There is often a specific hashtag for these so make sure you find out what it is and use it correctly.
  • Share your experience beyond conference sessions. People love to see the whole conference experience including the friendships, the fashion, the food and the city.
  • Some conferences may use Facebook Live, Instagram stories or Instagram TV to share exclusive content.

Tops tips for using social media AFTER a conference:

  • Continue to use the official conference hashtag and keep checking back as the conversation will continue.
  • Connect with likeminded professionals on LinkedIn. Also consider writing and sharing a LinkedIn article on your conference experience and learnings.
  • Connect with new friends on Facebook so you can stay in touch.
  • Write a follow up blog post or blog series. Also read, comment and share the blogs of other delegates.

So there you have it! My top tips for getting the most of your conference using social media. Have I missed anything out? What are your top tips?


  1. This is very nicely done thanx @AmyWalduck – I will share / RT this with pleasure.
    As well as your experience of conference sessions, I would encourage participants to offer insights to compliment the presenters thoughts and ideas. This includes URLs to other sites & thought pieces on the same topic. I believe In the mantra “sharing is caring” & that we can all learn from each other.
    Congrats to you & @ALIA colleague @SallyTurbitt … & @Pineapple_GLAM
    See you at #APLIC18
    Andy Fenton
    ( @Fentnz )


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