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Can we take a minute to talk about the fabulousness of

The world’s leading classical music channel, has offered access to the best of classical music to viewers worldwide since 2008. But did you know that there is a library subscription and that’s library features over 1,800 programs (3,000 original works), including concerts and archived historical concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, artist portraits and educational programs and master classes!!! PLUS you can watch live events streamed from the world’s most prestigious concert halls, opera houses, festivals, and competitions!!!

OMG! I just love it so much!!

I could watch the documentaries and master classes for hours and hours and I wish that something this fabulous was available when I was completing my music studies. I know how much of a wonderful resource if would have been for me and I can think of so many ways it could have been used but… oh well… sigh…

My absolute favourite concert on is a concert by Louis Armstrong live in Australia!

“The year is 1964. The world famous trumpet player and singer, Louis Armstrong, has just recorded Hello Dolly, a hit that brings the Beatles tumbling down from the Billboard music chart.

At 63, no one can say that “Satchmo” is past it. During a world tour he stops off in Australia for a memorable concert recorded in this document. Between the most well-known jazz standards, I left my heart in San Francisco, Sweet Georgia Brown, When The Saints Go Marching In, Billy Kyle on piano, Arvell Shaw on double bass, Danny Barcelone on drums, Trummy Young on trombone and Joe Dartensbourg on clarinet deliver fabulous solos, while singer Jewel Brown brings the house down alongside an imperial Satchmo on trumpet.”

Here is just a snippet of that fabulousness, but you can watch the whole thing through your library subscription!

I live on the Gold Coast so I can access through my local public library membership. Does your local library have access?

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