Turbitt & Duck enter Australian Podcast Awards

In September 2017, Sally Turbitt and I launched our podcast Turbitt & Duck: Purveyors of Cultural Expertise and Library Sass to the Discerning Connoisseur since 1885. This is a podcast that showcases people and stories from libraries and beyond.

Sally and I had been talking for a while about how we could showcase all of the wonderful people and stories that kept crossing our paths in libraries and the adjacent fields of museums, galleries, archives, research, and basically, anyone with a great story.

We had no idea what we were doing… but we did it anyway. We each purchased a Blue Yeti podcast microphone with a pop filter, we downloaded Audacity, and we asked our friend Dr Matt Finch to be our first guest. We pressed the record button and off went into the magical world of podcasting! Sometimes we still feel like we have no idea what we are doing, and we use Google a lot to find out how to do stuff, but the important thing is that we are doing it.

And you know what? People are listening.

You cannot imagine how excited Sally and I are that we have been downloaded thousands of times and have listeners from 20 countries around the world! Our guests have been phenomenal and diverse and we look forward to sharing many more episodes with the world. This podcast project has exceeded our expectations and totally blown our mind.

Turbitt & Duck was started as a platform to advocate for libraries and library professionals. To raise awareness of the awesome things that happen in libraries and the wonderful people who work in them. We decided to enter the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards as a way to spread our library message even further and in an unconventional way. We have entered two categories:

  • Career & Industry – this category is for podcasts that provide insights about specific careers, vocations or professions and is decided by a panel of judges.
  • Popular Vote – this category is voted on by the public.

And this is where we need your help! Please take a few minutes to register and vote for Turbitt & Duck so we can travel to Melbourne, stand on the Spiegeltent stage and talk about the awesomeness of libraries! We’d love your vote and for you to help us spread the word because every vote counts.

Vote Turbitt & Duck!

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