Share your GLAM story at #APLIC18


The Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference 2018 released its Call for Proposals today and I hope all of my GLAM colleagues are ready to get involved! The program committee invites proposals relating to the conference theme: Roar | Leap | Dare. You have until 6 November to submit your proposal so it’s time to get thinking!

ROAR – make some noise. Advocate for our communities, industries and ourselves. Promote and demonstrate the value of what we do.

LEAP – one small step, one giant leap. Surge forward and build momentum. What are the innovations and connections in technology, service delivery and content that are shaping our services, environments and work?

DARE – taking chances. Share the stories of revolution or evolution, success or failure, in your library, industry, country or career? What risks are we taking in our organisations and work lives?

The conference theme is broad so it shouldn’t be too challenging to fit your idea, project, initiative or triumph into one of the streams. Remember, you, your volunteer activity or your workplace can be at the centre of your proposal. Think about what you have been involved with and why we need to hear about it.

What is APLIC18?

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA), and Library Association of Singapore (LAS) are delighted to announce the first joint conference between the three associations. APLIC 2018 will be an opportunity to join delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and beyond as we connect over common interests, explore future trends and learn from the experiences of libraries engaged in a diverse range of cultural contexts.

Why should I attend?

#APLIC18 promises to be a huge and exciting library conference that will allow you to hear local, national and international library stories and trends all in the one location. To meet colleagues from around Australia and the world and spend a fantastic week immersed in library culture.

For Queenslanders, we are especially lucky to have #APLIC18 on the Gold Coast. Not only does it ease interstate travel workplace hurdles but it is local for those of us in the South-East corner. I expect to see a huge contingent of Queenslanders attending and presenting at this conference!

Plan early!

The conference is being held from 30 July to 2 August 2018. Start planning now for your attendance at #APLIC18. Discuss your plans with your workplace, book flights and travel – all that stuff. But remember, your workplace is much more likely to support your place at this conference if you submit a proposal to present. Get involved, share your story, and plan to be there in August 2017!

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