Beyond Team NLS8

The committee for NLS8 – or Team NLS8 – achieved great things in the two years working together on the 8th ALIA New Librarians’ Symposium. But NLS8 is not all that we are and it is not all that we do. Many of us have used this as a platform to launch into other things with our new skills, networks and confidence.

So here are some examples of what we got up to beyond Team NLS8:


New projects:

  • Ashleigh McKergow and I are founding members of Picture Book Book Club which is all about celebrating the awesomeness of picture books and why they are so important not only for children, but for all ages. They do this through Twitter chats, guest author appearances, blog posts, social media and by reading picture books.  All are welcome from librarians, teachers, authors to general enthusiasts.

ALIA groups:

  • Elizabeth Smith is an active member of the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) and ALIA Sydney Group. NGAC exists to help strengthen the participation of recently graduated library and information professionals in ALIA. NGAC strives to provide a welcoming forum of knowledge sharing and engagement with the profession. Recently they released the NGAC Response to the Australia Marriage Law Postal Survey and this document makes me a proud member of ALIA.
  • Annette Messell has been a Regional Coordinator for ALIA Students and New Graduates Group for a couple of years now delivering excellent PD events for local students and new grads.

Articles in ALIA INCITE magazine:

  • Sally Turbitt and I wrote a follow up article on our own DIY Professional Development at NLS8, July/August 2017.
  • Ashleigh McKergow and I wrote an article with our Picture Book Book Club colleagues on establishing the club, May/June 2017.
  • Elizabeth Smith and her NGAC colleagues wrote an article reflecting on their professional development as members of NGAC. Help Others and Grow Your Career, May/June 2017.


So you can see that we have been very busy beyond Team NLS8 and this doesn’t include studying, working, getting new jobs or having lives. What a fabulous bunch of GLAM professionals!

BeyondTeam NLS8

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